From the Box Office through the Concession Stand to each Auditorium, guests are treated to a world of luxury and sheer delight. With state-of-the-art projection equipment and Dolby Surround sound, every performance is designed to deliver an unparalleled experience in filmed entertainment. All Auditoriums are well equipped with excellent air-conditioning system.


For cinema info: Contact the hotline 0789 133333 & 0789 122 222

Theatre Rentals

Our cinema auditoriums are available for private rentals and movie premiers.

Century Cinema Auditoriums are used for 2D or 3D film presentations or video presentations:

Auditorium capacity

Auditorium 1 accommodates 233 seats (Has a large stage area)

Auditorium 2 accommodates 129 seats

Auditorium 3 accommodates 70 seats

5D Auditorium

Auditorium 4 accommodates 18 seats for 5D screenings. (A must to experience)

Concession sales

At our concession stand, we offer a wide variety of snacks, candies, ice cream, soda, juice, water and of course the crispiest fresh popcorn you can get in Rwanda. Our prices are fair and our stock is always fresh and tasty.

Birthday party or Group bookings:

Give your loved one and their friends the treat of a lifetime on their birthdays or any special occasion by spending it @ Century Cinema. We are keen to assist you by providing a foyer area for the set up of your exclusive party. Contact the manager or call (250) 733 841 167 to arrange the bookings. Specials apply to bookings of a minimum of 30 persons.

School/ University group bookings:

Century Cinema offers specials to school or university groups. We will assist you with arranging screenings at special starting times to suit the school/ university. Special care is taken with the students and we assist with monitoring the movement of all students. Concessions can also be arranged at discounted prices. Contact management or call (250) 785 532 633 to arrange the bookings.

Advertise your business

We @ Century Cinema offer a wide variety of advertising deals, either by “on screen motion adverts” or “still poster type” adverts. All advertising options are inside the auditoriums or outside in the foyer areas. Contact the manager or call (250) 785 532 633 to discuss the different advertising options available.

Gift Vouchers:

We offer Century Cinema Gift Vouchers on sale. These can be used by companies or individuals whenever you run out of gift ideas or simply feel like rewarding a staff member or friend to a day @ Century Cinema. The vouchers are not exchangeable for cash and you can decide what amount you want to give to someone as a gift. Voucher values are set at RWF10000. The Gift Vouchers are only on sale at the cinema.